Project Location: 214 South Craig Street in Oakland on lots 52-J-164 and 52-J-161

This proposed 2018 project includes a first floor with a restaurant, entry lobby, and parking; a second floor with another restaurant, two small apartments, and additional parking; three additional floors of multi-family residential units above; and a roof deck.


The site area is 131.5′ x 40′ = 5,207sf. There are currently two existing buildings on the site that will be completely demolished. A minimum of 521sf of open space is required, leaving 4,687sf of allowable gross building area per floor, or a maximum of 23,435sf for the entire building.


The first floor shall be framed with concrete block and steel. The second floor will contain parking, two residential units, and a second restaurant. Four stories of housing above shall be framed with wood.


The parking system will be designed by semi-automatic “puzzle” parking system company, “CityLift”.


Fisher ARCHitecture will lay out the shell and core of two restaurants, one on the first floor and one above on the second floor that will be accessible via an exterior stair.


The project will be LEED Silver!