Dlubak Glass House by Fisher ARCHitecture Pittsburgh, PA
View From Pond

Frank Dlubak, the owner of “Dlubak Manufacturing”, a Blairsville, PA glass manufacturer, and his wife have asked FISHER ARCHitecture to take a look at designing a new home for them on a small lake located just outside Freeport, PA.


This project has provided us with the opportunity to showcase the curved glass that Frank’s factory produces. Contrasting earth, as represented by block and soil, with air, as represented by glass and steel, calls attention to the ephemeral qualities of glass: Nothing makes glass look less substantial than designing it so it appears to rise directly from the earth or float lightly on the water!


A walk around the lake leads visitors on a journey first through the forest and then through the layers and levels of the building, contrasting the grassy with the glassy.