Episode 1: “Introduction!”

Bits of ARCHitecture:  The Vlogcast that explores Fisher ARCHitecture’s process for creating Thoughtful + Progressive + Contextual designs.

Bea and I are concerned that most people have no idea how the architectural design process ACTUALLY happens, as opposed to the way it’s portrayed on TV. Our intent with this video series is to communicate the way a quality-focused, small, husband-and-wife architectural firm goes about designing projects.  Above is our introduction video, in which we say hello and outline our intent. Each video below contains a different topic.

Many thanks are due to producer/editor Bea for this series.  This was her idea. We both believe that by communicating to viewers why creating good architecture is so important for US, we are making the argument why it is important for everyone.

Best, Eric

Episode 2: In this episode, we will review a few “First Steps” for the massing of a project. We will show ways to sculpt the generic volumes allowed by zoning ordinances. This is how a project begins!

Episode 3: In this episode, we walk you through the design of our remarkable “513 Court Place” project.

Episode 4: “Affordability”: In this episode, we will explain how we can work on projects with limited scope and budget. ALL of our projects are treated with the same care for good design and attention to details.

Episode 5: In this episode, we talk about the longest residential cantilever in Pittsburgh (and likely beyond!): The “Emerald Art Glass” Residence!

Episode 6: In this video, we guide you through the “The Architecture Process”, from the beginning of a project to its completion.

Episode 7: In this video, we talk about “The River House”