With a price tag – if many units will be built – under $60,000, these 245sf homes should appeal to people who want to live flexibly and tread lightly on the planet. It is now possible to own a home that is sustainable both from an economic and an environmental point of view for less than the cost of many electric automobiles!


There are no frills: The home is prefabricated in a climate-controlled warehouse where inclement Pittsburgh weather will never slow down the pace of construction.
We facilitate density by constructing the on-grid units so that they are stackable, which allows us to configure them like building blocks so that they can respond contextually to site particularities.


Nanohouse units are constructed as simple, flexible sheds with spare, open interiors that leave room for personalization. Yet their exteriors are special: Homes seldom communicate the personal identity of their owners to passers-by. Our thought is to change that by taking the photographs and wallpaper that are typically located on the INSIDE of a home and moving them to the OUTSIDE.


Now everyone can now own a home that says who he or she is!