PNC Green Living Wall by Fisher ARCHitecture

FISHER ARCHitecture introduced the idea of building what was then North America’s largest living wall to the folks at PNC Bank.  Architect, Eric Fisher,  working with Jeff Flick at BD&E, was invited to the table to discuss ways to improve PNC’s downtown exterior architecture.  At the time Eric was fascinated by the French living walls of designer, Patrick Blanc.

PNC wanted to brand itself as Green. What better way to do that than by building their logo out of plants?!  Our first proposal with the bank included the wall.  Next we drew the project renderings and coordinated the hiring of the green wall installer.

Green Living Technologies (GLT) in Rochester, New York, constructed the green wall system just in time for the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit celebration. These construction photos are posted courtesy of George Irwin at GLT.