A new double height restaurant set above a renovated market extends a welcoming hand to the street, reaching out to connect with the restaurants of nearby Forbes Avenue. While the color is eye-catching, the building’s front elevation aligns squarely with the facades of the neighboring buildings.


Luckily for the owners, our engineers were able to bear the new structure on the existing building’s block walls. Once we knew that extraordinary construction means would not be required, we were able to focus our attention on the configuration of the new upstairs area, which contains an outdoor deck, a dining area, a commercial kitchen, bathrooms, a mezzanine, and a loading dock.


The dining area features an architect-drawn, translucent map of Tripoli laminated between two layers of glass. The map is located above the service counter and is visible as you walk up the stairs. The sun shines through the South-facing map throughout the day covering visitors with the ever changing light of the Middle East.


(Please forgive the quality of our graphics here.  This was our first commercial project when I started my business back in the day and I like it just enough to include it on our website despite all… EF)