Warhol-Homewood projects
Project 1: Preliminary Sketches for Museum Without Walls

The Warhol-Homewood projects aimed to strengthen community in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.


Project 1: Our first sketches reflected our respect for the Homewood community and for Andy Warhol’s art. The design for an outdoor exhibition and performance space was the ultimate result, optimistically scheduled for construction in the summer of 2009. The art is by Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey. The building is like Homewood itself and its people, where hidden brilliance often lies just behind an ordinary facade


Project 2: The construction of a small learning center will follow on the site. Each glass column contains an exhibit celebrating a “pillar” of the Homewood community.


Project 3: The balcony links Andy’s physical identity to Pittsburgh industrial forms, connecting the existing mute museum building to both the artist and the City.


Project 4: This sketch – which combines themes of change, hope, and pain – illustrates my first ideas for a proposed 2008 Pittsburgh time capsule. The initial themes remain in the final design, in which pages containing Pittsburghers’ dreams are wrapped around the floating pyramid’s exposed posts. As the capsule burns on the river, the dreams ascend into the sky.


Project 5: This 2007 desk proposal clarifies the Warhol Museum ground floor plan by linking the coat closet space and the lobby to the gallery space. We hope Andy would have appreciated the ribbon-shaped, patinated pink steel desk.


Project 6: Here is my design for a museum exhibit: The tilting cabinet, since built, contains a virtual Warhol timeline.