2017 AIA Award: The Aspinwall Marina

2017 AIA Award: The Aspinwall Marina

Thanks to a great project team, our adaptive reuse Aspinwall Marina project has won a historic preservation @AIApgh award at this year’s Design Pittsburgh competition!


Janet Longenecker, Jiayu Qin, Joey Reid, Lin Hou, Katie Meier, and Hallie Dumont, all of whom worked on the project at one stage or another with Fisher ARCHitecture, deserve particular mention.  As well, Environmental Planning and Design has already won numerous awards for their remarkable landscape architecture on the site.  Loftus Engineering ably helped us with the structure, and the folks at RD Stewart constructed our design with skill and patience.


Here is what the jury had to say:

“We really liked how this was originally built as a working building in a public area, and how it continues to be a working building. It works in sympathy with its environment and doesn’t try to outshine the setting – and by being itself it helps bring activities back to the area.”

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