2019 AIA Award: The River House

Fisher ARCHitecture’s River House project has just won an American Institute of Architecture (AIA) merit award at this years Design Pittsburgh celebration!  We’re especially grateful to have been selected because the quality of the submitted projects seems to be getting better every year! We particularly appreciate the Pittsburgh AIA’s efforts to provide our fair city with, as they put it, a “blueprint for better”

“Better what?” you may ask. A better Pittsburgh, they say, with improved design, livability, sustainability, and equity for all – certainly a worthy goal!

Special thanks are due to ever-patient owners, Cyd and Bob, and to contractor, John Cummings.  Thanks are also due to Bob and “FlyoverProperties” for their contribution to the project photography, to Iliya Jordanoff for his management and drafting, to Chris Wimbrow and Georgia Brum for their model-making, to Shirley Chen for her computer modeling, to Lauren Levant for interior design, and to Chris Kim for the structural engineering.

The AIA jury commented that “Adaptive reuse is a key way to design sustainably. This project both responds to and respects the site and is what drew the jury to it. The clarity of parti through material, color, and form made this project easily understandable and recognizable.”

Please click here to check out additional project images and text.

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