Bea is AIA President!

AIA Pittsburgh’s MISSION:  AIA Pittsburgh improves the built environment in which we live, work and play by raising the standards of architectural training and practice, supporting our members efforts to design healthy, safe and connected places and spaces, and promoting the value of architectural services to the public.

AIA Pittsburgh’s VISION:  AIA Pittsburgh members play a central role in ensuring healthy and sustainable design and development in all communities in which we serve.

Hi! It’s me, Bea.

On January 1, I became this year’s president of AIA Pittsburgh.  Thank goodness for all the help I’ve received from others as I’ve developed professionally. Otherwise I’d likely still be living in a studio apartment in Milan.  As a result, I’ve been determined to pay it forward – and I am not done yet. 

I have worked in the architecture profession, and in Pittsburgh, for ten years, and have never worked anywhere else. In fact I’m not even registered as an architect in Italy, my home country. I first decided to get involved with the American Institute of Architects through a friend who suggested I join the Young Architects Forum (YAF). YAF is one of the most active committees in our chapter and it has helped me in many ways, from making great friends to becoming registered as an architect. 

Since 2012, I have been volunteering within AIA in a variety of ways: From working behind the scenes in the preparation of major events like Build Pittsburgh and Design Pittsburgh, to presenting on the very stage of Design Pittsburgh in front of our membership. I had the honor to be a judge of the AIA National Honor Awards, and I presented with Eric Fisher, AIA (my husband and partner) at the AIA Convention in Las Vegas. Thankfully, what “happened in Vegas” is now part of the AIA National Continuing Education online catalogue as well!!

AIA has been instrumental in my professional growth. You may argue, that’s easy when you start from zero… Yet, year after year, I keep finding opportunities to keep growing and making the difference in my design community. These opportunities are open to anybody, through our Committees

Since I joined the Board of Directors, the most rewarding part of my involvement with AIA has been meeting people and learning more about their hopes and desires.  As best I can, I try to follow up and help fellow architects and consultants in reaching their objectives. If I cannot help them in person, I’ll try to connect them with the right parties.

Connecting people is a big part of what AIA does at a Local, State and National level. Design is a team effort and I am most grateful for our Members and our Industry Partners. The first of AIA Pittsburgh’s values is “Member support and development”. Close after, we have “Design advocacy” followed by “Civic engagement” and “Environmental stewardship”. Then, “Equity, diversity and inclusion”, and last but not least, “Integrity, openness, empathy and patience”. 

The AIA Pittsburgh Chapter is one of the most active chapters in the USA and I am proud to say that we are often looked at as an example for our offering to our members. AIA Pennsylvania is also a great partner, with a team that is lobbying for our profession on a daily basis. Their team is attentive, active, and extremely personal. 

If I had to identify two “New Year’s Resolutions” for this (personally) important year for me, they would be 1) to reach even more people, and 2) to talk more about design – and make it happen! I am actively involved with the AIA Pittsburgh Outreach Committee and feel I never quite left the Young Architect Forum. Moreover, I take it as a personal duty and honor to help any International Architects to navigate the complexities of becoming registered as a Foreign Architect. 

I look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a designer, an architect, an engineer, or a manufacturer… Life is amazing, and only by staying open to meeting people will you be open to the opportunities that result.

Stay open, my friends, and let’s connect!

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