Lecture Video: North Allegheny High School

The video above shows me speaking at a program designed to give Allegheny County youth information about creative careers in business.  Our task was to refute the notion that many students express, namely, “I love the arts and being creative but I want to get a job when I graduate!” The event, which was held on March 24, may have been located in Nash Hall at Allegheny North High School.  However, more than 200 inquisitive highschoolers from all around Pittsburgh attended!

Allegheny North High School

As the organizer, gifted support teacher Kathy Will wrote, this was “a unique and important program for our students.”  It was an honor to share my personal interests with them and to communicate how these interests have shaped my career path.

Also, I really enjoyed meeting the other panel members, all of whom were astonishingly articulate and accomplished. My opinion is that it was a really impressive event!

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