“Anamorphic” Projection

“Merging Media” owner, Marco Cardamone, asked us to study his lobby and entry corridor back in 2012 to see if we could devise an affordable, interesting way to bring the rooms up to date. Describing his business, he suggested that one of his primary goals was to improve his clients’ marketing communications through the use of innovative ideas. Our goal became to satisfy Marco’s functional requirements while at the same time saying something about his company.


At a certain point in our process, we introduced Marco to the concept of “anamorphic projection”, a distorted perspective requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. After ascending a set of stairs into Marco’s offices, visitors find themselves in a corridor immersed with brightly colored, swirling patterns. Their meaning is uncertain. It is not until they enter the lobby that they learn the patterns form the outline of his logo.


Merging Media indeed: Just as the client’s search for brand clarity becomes resolved through Marco’s excellent solutions, so too does the image unification process becomes complete as you enter his professional world!


The projection was made possible by using a sophisticated scripting plug-in to our 3D form generating software, “Rhino,” called “Grasshopper”. Mike Jeffers, along with Clay Kippen, Amy Friedman, and Lauren Bucher in my office made the submission sing.  Then, in 2018, Shirley Chen added the 3/4″ plywood panels, updated the lighting, and recast the materials!