Here is our completed “Nakabini” table, inspired by the work of Japanese-American designer, GeorgeNakashima and Italian designer, Franco Albini!

Vince Gillen supplied the beautiful handcrafted oak desktop and Filip Zagreb at Standard and Custom crafted the elegant steel and Baltic birch ply casework. This design was designed in collaboration with the Italian-American architect, Beatrice Spolidoro.  Assistance with the project documentation was ably provide by Fisher ARCHitecture intern, Isadora Concha.


This is East meets West: George Nakashima developed a practice that, according to his daughter, Mira, features “design and craftsmanship governed by personal connection, active listening, and close collaboration,” where wood, “should not be regarded as an inanimate object to be used only as a material, but another form of life which, with a hand-rubbed oil finish, ‘lives and breathes’.”


Franco Albini was, let’s just say, a bit more rational in his approach. Wikipedia suggests that “Through his creations, the modern furniture design merged the Italian traditional artisanship with the new forms of modernism. In his creations, he used raw, inexpensive materials. He exploited the very skilled Italian craftsmanship. This also meant an elegant design based on a minimalist aesthetic.”


Our goal was to merge these two styles by employing a rational, function-driven design process while at the same time respecting the ineffable, organic qualities of the wood and steel that make up the piece.