AIA Small Firm Celebration

Eighteen small architecture firms met at my Fisher ARCHitecture home/office in Shadyside the evening of Thursday, October 17 between 5:30 and 7:30. This was a chance to meet fellow small firm architects, cross paths with Pittsburgh AIA Executive Director, Michelle Fanzo, and talk a bit of shop over a glass of wine or alternative beverage of choice.

Bea Spolidoro and I were more than happy to to take this rare opportunity to cross paths with our oft-overworked peers. I tell folks that Pittsburgh’s small architecture businesses produce much of the city’s best work because we are are more flexible than the big guys and because we have far less overhead.

We appreciated that the Pittsburgh AIA sponsored the event:  Michelle Fanzo took the opportunity to get to know each of us better.  Her expressed goal was to better represent our particular small firm interests both here in Pittsburgh and also at the state/national level.  As well she spoke of the AIA’s particular efforts to advocate for our profession via:




Fostering the Next Generation

Public Engagement

It’s all about quality: Similar to each of the fine architects who attended, the AIA is truly committed to raising the level of Western Pennsylvania design.  Please contact the Pittsburgh AIA here to learn more about their remarkable endeavors! 

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