Fisher ARCHitecture designs thoughtful + progressive + contextual architecture.

We are totally committed to design quality and unique in that we work on only two or three projects at a time. Fisher ARCHitecture has become a recognized advocate for quality, contemporary, Pittsburgh green design.  When clients want their buildings to speak to Pittsburgh, yet connect to buildings being built around the world, they come to us.

Because you communicate directly with principal, Eric Fisher AIA, LEED AP as the design process moves forward, your goals and objectives are thoroughly understood. You simply won’t find a principal of an established firm elsewhere who is committed to this level of personal involvement. The resulting designs are a testament to the value of this arrangement.

Eric Fisher has a four-year degree in Engineering and Visual Art from Dartmouth College and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Harvard University. He has worked in the profession for twenty years in the United States and Europe. His resume includes employment with some of the world’s most recognized architects. And he has experience designing important, local work. Ten years ago, he moved back to Pittsburgh and became the architect, designer, and project manager for the Whole Foods Market in East Liberty, employed by Perfido Weiskopf Architects.  Since that time, he has designed homes, businesses, restaurants, churches, museums, and even bridges here in Pittsburgh.

Eric is a fourth generation Pittsburgher whose ongoing priority is to improve the region where his family lives. Western PA is an ever-evolving place. Over the coming decades, he believes that the region will continue to attract and develop active, energetic people who will demand a forward thinking architecture that will match their world-view.

None of Eric’s architectural peers have contracted their own buildings. Nor do they possess an engineering degree from an Ivy League school in addition to their architecture credentials. Nor have they spent four years apprenticing with Richard Meier detailing the Los Angeles Getty Museum. Ask any developer: Quality drawings improve the design, facilitate the construction process, and save money.

You will find no other architect in the city with Mr. Fisher’s level of experience who knows Pittsburgh the way he does: Mr. Fisher may have spent four years designing the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Now, his buildings speak about Pittsburgh, the city where he grew up and chooses to live.


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The 2017 summer Fisher ARCHitecture group (From L to R): Iliya Jordanoff, Kristen Howard, Ray Bowman, Isidora Concha, Lingfan Jiang, Shan Wang, Mahshid Ghaeeni, Angelina Laudato, and me!
The 2018 Fisher ARCHitecture group (Clockwise): Janet Longenecker, Lucas Bartosiewicz, Eric Fisher, Shirley Chen, Kwins Yang, Maria Hernandez, Ben Imhoff, and Ruba Khishaifati!
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Emerald Art Glass House by Fisher ARCHitecture Pittsburgh PA
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