Personal injury attorney, Victor Pribanic, came to Fisher ARCHitecture because he wanted to transform his existing downtown “Pribanic and Pribanic” offices so that they reflected his progressive practice. We’ve been working on and off on this project for almost six years now.  The images you see here reflect our original design intent. As you may have gleaned from our social media and our newsletter, a lot has happened since that time.


As we were originally designing the project back in 2014, our in-house criticism of the other buildings up and down Court Place was that they are mute, providing no clue regarding the activities that are occurring within. We resolved to invert this relationship by providing as direct a relationship between the interior and exterior as possible. To accomplish our goal we set out to:


1) Preserve and enhance the existing facade.


2) Clothe the building with perforated metal in order to provide it with a contemporary, progressive look while simultaneously revealing the original shapes and materials through the weave and folds of the new “fabric”.


3) Install a new lobby/reception area that will mediate between the interior offices and the street.


The effect will be to communicate Mr. Pribanic’s willingness to speak with all, and his desire to connect to the city in which he practices. These have remained our goals until this date even as our process has bent and swerved over the years in response to new information. Construction is now well underway.


Prepatinated Copper (or Painted Aluminum) Panel