Billboard House by Fisher ARCHitecture

The architects of the next century must learn to recycle space in the same way we recycle our garbage – finding value in waste. To illustrate the idea of recycling neglected space in Los Angeles, we integrated a small Hollywood house with a billboard. The idea is specific to its site because Los Angeles embraces the romance of the automobile, and billboards are everywhere.  The client’s money is well spent: Here, parking stalls are like gold, and the billboard addresses the famous corner of Laurel Canyon and Sunset. This is an object that disrupts daily life just enough to make one believe that there is maybe more to life than the humdrum.

This project was completed for an international architecture competition sponsored by the Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio) called “The Architect’s Dream: Houses for the Next Millennium”.  Everyone from Koning Eizenberg to Eric Owen Moss to Leslie Gill to Charles Gwathmey  to Scogin Elam took part.  Amazingly, Fisher ARCHitecture placed second out of more than 2000 entrants.