The Text Vase


The places where we live and the objects that we use tend to be impersonal. Our belief at Fisher ARCHitecture is that homes, similar to clothing, should reflect the tastes, inclinations, and personality of their owners.  With that in mind we’ve designed tiny houses whose exterior facades are decorated with photographs of their owners; we’ve designed exterior glass panel systems decorated with text that, with the help of the sun, project their contents onto visitors when they pass below; we’ve designed radiant-heated furniture that selectively heats the human body only where users sit; and we’ve designed abstract panel systems for a digital media business that reveal the company logo when viewed from the right location.

Why can’t this level of personalization extend to household objects?  Using our cool Grasshopper software, we designed a program that wraps text around any concentric surface. This program could be used to create household items constructed from any words that may be relevant to their owners. Examples of possible objects we could create would be plates, planters, bowls, salt-shakers, pepper-grinders, bottles and even light fixtures.

To demonstrate the concept we designed a small vase for Bea’s parents.  Then we wrapped their names, Sergio and Catarina, around the perimeter, and printed it at “” just in time for the holidays!

For other recent Fisher ARCHitecture designs of household items, click here or here.  For recent full size Fisher ARCHitecture parametric architecture designs, check out Jan Loney’s studio here, and our “513 Court Place” project here.

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